Charmed Chain Belt
  • Charmed Chain Belt


    Adinkra are symbols that represent concepts & proverbs related to wisdom and aspects of life. They can be seen throughout Ghana in artwork & architecture as well as in fabric and traditional goldweights.  Our Charmed Chain Belt is a spin on a classic 90's trend with the incorporation of the following Adinkra symbols:

    • Duafe: "wooden comb"; symbolizes beauty, hygiene & feminine qualities
    • Gye Nyame: "except for God"; symbolizes the supremacy of God
    • Denkyem: "crocodile"; symbolizes adaptability
    • Ese ne Tekrema: "the teeth and the tongue"; symbolizes friendship, interdependence
    • Kwatakye Atiko: "hairstyle of Kwatakye, a war hero"; symbolizes bravery, valor