Ashanti Bamboos
  • Ashanti Bamboos


    In Ghana, every newborn is given a special name based on the day of the week they are born.  What better way of celebrating the sacred Akan tradition of Day Names than with 24 karat gold plated bamboo earrings!  These lightweight stunners boast a bold acrylic name plate for an additional wow factor. 



    Akosua: Sunday-Born; associated with the universe

    Adwoa: Monday-Born; associated with peace

    Abena: Tuesday-Born; associated with the ocean

    Akua: Wednesday-Born; associated with Ananse (spider)

    Yaa: Thursday-Born; associated with the earth

    Afua: Friday-Born; associated with fertility

    Ama: Saturday-Born; associated with God


    Available Shapes: Hoops, Heart, Doorknocker.